Story of brothers passion, love and diamonds

RF Collection was founded on family values, honesty and unparalleled expertise. The story begins with two brothers, Avi and Roy Froindlich, who grew up in a family of diamond manufacturers beginning three generations before theirs.

As a boy, Avi used to observe – for countless hours – both his father and mother sitting side by side one another in the family factory. One of them worked on cutting the diamonds, while the other worked the polishing wheel. Avi took every opportunity to learn from his parents about his family trade.

At the young age of 12, Avi already began to hone his own cutting and polishing skills. People recognized his fine work, notably his speed and precision for producing diamonds. Eventually, Avi outgrew life in a diamond factory and decided to take his learning and career to the next level. In 1995, at the age of 21, he departed for Israel in order to move Los Angeles, California.

Avi’s eye for precision became even more widely recognized within the community of industry leaders, which led to Avi to work for TACORI Enterprises as their exclusive diamond purchaser, a position he still holds today. Avi has always had immense passion and appreciation for high quality diamonds. He has travelled across the globe to discover, analyze, and purchase the highest quality diamonds for his clients.

Roy, the younger of the two brothers, eventually joined his older brother in 2007. As a young kid, Roy was enthralled with the world of fashion. While his friends would play outside, Roy could often be found looking through his mother’s jewelry collection with great excitement.

Since reuniting in 2007, Avi and Roy have taught each other their skills and expertise when it came to anything they learnt over the years in the diamond manufacturing business. They share the same desires, visions and dreams about their business and their clients.