LUCY Three Stone Ring Engagement Ring, with halo diamonds and three rows of diamonds band

The LUCY Three Stone Engagement Ring is a most classic and timeless with modern touch, our three stone ring set with halo diamonds around and three rows of diamonds band with two half-moon diamond side stones. Customize this design with your preferred diamond shape, Carat weight, precious metals.

- Center Stone Shapes: Radiant, Oval, Round, Cushion, Emerald, Pear, Asscher, Marquise, Heart, Princess

-Side stones: Half-moon, Trapezoid, Cadillac, Shild, Pear shape.

Handcrafted in your choice of 18K White Gold, Yellow Gold, Rose Gold or Platinum.

Engagement rings are handcrafted and made to order, orders take 2-3weeks from purchase to delivery.

Handcrafted in Los angeles.

Our Promise

All RF pieces are handcrafted with extraordinary care from the smallest details to finish
product in our factory in Los Angeles.